Lance Balderson


It may not be surprising to find out that Lance Balderson is a trained architect. His abstract paintings reflect an inherent sense of construction and balance. Although his shapes are organic, there is a restrained quality to the work. Like puzzle pieces, each object in the composition has its designated shape and place. Balderson does not plan or sketch his work beforehand, but instead uses his imagination throughout the process to achieve the final piece. The work carries the heavy mood of this journey, and his canvases reveal the many layers that were applied over time. Balderson’s modern style combines elements of cubism and abstract expressionism. He contrasts cool and warm colors to accentuate his figures, which appear to be veiled in subtle shadows. Large in scale, the work has a strong and mature presence.

Artist Lance Balderson has been honored on the occasion of the acquisition of one of his paintings by the Philadelphia Museum of Art, March 2009. This painting entitled “Tryst”, will one day become a part of the museum’s permanent collection.

Medium: Mixed Media
Category: Abstract
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of Lance Balderson’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.