Jim Keifer


The Artist’s Perspective:

I grew up in the Pacific Palisades in the 1960’s. I remember my Dad working on the Apollo mission and driving out to Edwards Air Force Base to check out his airplane designs. He worked with people like Howard Hughes, Chuck Yeager and Charles Lindbergh.

So when I went to Notre Dame, I wanted to be an Aero Space Engineer like my father. But I quickly found out that higher math sucked, and that I was more interested in the art classes. Better to sculpt a cool flying machine that looked fantastic, like the Zephyrs, than to have to design one that actually worked. Instead I focused on painting and Industrial Design.

After 25 years in the Toy Industry and painting when I made the time, I decided to move to Idyllwild and do the opposite: paint all the time and be a consultant to the Toy Industry when I make the time.

Now I am the officially licensed painter of Monopoly and Scrabble fine art (Hasbro) and building flying ships that don’t fly.

– Jim Keifer


Jim Keifer is an established creative talent in the game industry. He has served in multiple design and management positions over the last 24 years. As Former head of Game Design, Interactive and Youth Electronics, for Mattel, Inc, Design Manager for Parker Brothers and Game Designer for Milton Bradley Company, Jim has designed hundreds of Games and puzzles manufactured and distributed throughout the world.

Keifer holds 15 patents dealing with game play mechanics and component configuration and enjoys close working relations with 100+ premiere inventors in America, Asia and Europe.

Keifer has designed games for many well known companies, including the Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, Universal, and Nickelodeon. His team created over 20 games for the Harry Potter brand including the award-winning Harry Potter Levitating Challenge and established UNO as the #1 family games brand with games like UNO Attack.
Jim’s team won the 2004 TOTY Game of the Year award (Toy of the Year Award from the Toy Industry Association) for Scene It? DVD game . Keifer invented Screaming Eagles which was awarded Best Game of 1988 by Games Magazine.

Jim is a prolific fine art painter, designer, cartoonist and also currently runs a consulting firm focusing on inventing games for all platforms and mediums.

Medium: Mixed Media
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of Jim Keifer’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.