Alberto Becerra


Alberto A. Becerra is a seasoned visual artist with a repertoire of forty years of experience, and a significant volume of work. Alberto is the author of ” Caritas,” a series of drawings, and paintings that represent the every day people. These ongoing works of art are evidence of Alberto’s daily interaction with everyones reality, because he is constantly capturing persons in the train, plane, bus meetings and more.

Alberto is also the sole creator of ” Musigraphy ” a contemporary approach to paint and music. Alberto has traveled and exhibited at national and international levels in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and the USA. His exhibitions consists of over 40 solo Shows, six invitationals, and 22 collective shows, along with eight citations and awards.

Medium: Mixed Media
Category: Abstract
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of Alberto Becerra’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.