Francis Mesaros Panctures®


Panctures® paintings were created by Mesaros after forty one years of throwing his feelings onto canvas. This technique has been trademarked and have just been recently patented. The artist essentially sculpts with his medium. Mesaros’ sole tools are palette knives; in his hands they are the perfect instrument to portray his energy and allow him to spontaneously depict his feelings as they run through him. Once a painting is started, he won’t stop until it’s done. If he leaves a work his energy shifts, and he can’t afford that.

At age thirteen, the artist sold his first pastel painting to a mason his mom and dad hired to fix the steps. This marked his first commission – thirty dollars. Now, nearly forty years later, Mesaros has decided to share his work, insight, and talent with the world. “God has given me another reason to live. I do not doubt this.”

His paintings are as mesmerizing as the sea itself. Composed of thousands of crescent-shaped wedges of paint, Mesaros’ canvases contemplate the eternal theme of sea and sky. Every stroke is measured and intentional, conspiring to create an extravagant image of impressive detail and allure echoing qualities of Picasso and Dali’s extravagant style. Mesaros’ work refutes the mundane and executes the extraordinary.

Medium: Painting/Panctures®
Category: Abstract

These are a few of Francis Messaro’s Panctures pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.