George W. Gawrys


Dr. George Gawrys of Ventnor, NJ, began painting about 14 years ago and is currently finishing his 81st oil painting of a scene from Florida’s Gulf Coast. Gawrys was born in Warsaw, Poland and enjoyed his youth as a Polish immigrant in Brooklyn, NY. He went on to graduate MIT and earned a Ph.D. from John Hopkins in Electrical Engineering. Now retired after 30 years from an AT&T Labs career, he has more time to devote to painting and photography.

“I love to travel, and it inspires many of my works. Paintings of scenes from Greece, Ireland, China, Slovenia, Switzerland, Grand Cayman, Long Island, and Ventnor are included in this exhibit. I enjoy creating beauty and color, and works that anyone would want to put in their home and look at every day,” said Gawrys. “I am inspired by the works of J. M. W. Turner, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Fritz Thaulow.”

Medium: Painting
Category: Realism

These are a few of George W. Gawrys’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.