Joanne Gallery


Born in New York city to James and Elizabeth Gallery, her parents moved the family to Arizona when she was 3. Throughout school she excelled in art. She graduated from Arizona State University and moved to New Zealand for a few years. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA. After having her two sons she returned to college and became a professional artist in 2000.

Joanne has exhibited in Auckland, New Zealand, Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree and Scottsdale, Arizona and Santa Fe, New Mexico and now in Atlantic City. SRP, an electric company in Arizona, asked her to paint a refrigerator for a TV commercial and for Country Thunder, a four day concert. All the musicians signed the fridge including Keith Urban. From there it was flown around the country and exhibited.

Mahala, a coyote painting was chosen to be on the cover of the Vortex, an art magazine. Sky Dive, a painting of a Bel Air car won first place at the Arizona State Fair. The current work of JLGallery comes from years of experimenting with acrylic and ink on canvas and board. She paints and photographs cars, animals , nature, landscape, figure, people and buildings. She uses the photographs as ideas for her paintings.

Inks and acrylics are my choices I use to paint with and I get excited to see them interact on canvas. I have experimented for years to perfect this technique and my mentor for 9 years is my professor at Scottsdale Community College, Robert You. My favorite artists are Georgia O’Keefe, Vincent Van Gogh and Jackson Pollack. I describe my style as abstract representational. The viewer can recognize the image but then the paint entertains them and draws them in to look further. That is my goal, to capture them.

I was born Joanne Lanigan Gallery and it works being an artist. I have been a professional artist since 2001.

Medium: Painting
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of Joanne Gallery’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.