John Dzedzy


John Dzedzy is an accomplished artist in wide range of creative mediums including oil painting, watercolor painting, sculpture, graphic design, illustration, computer generated imagery and woodworking. Besides walking down the halls of some of the largest corporations in America, providing them with cutting edge graphic art for advertising design, he now chooses to focus on his Native American Indian oil paintings and sculptures. He has had a calling for this subject matter since he was a young boy.

Dzedzy’s artistic background includes graduating from Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, PA in 1979 where he excelled and received numerous awards for his abilities and achievements. David Holtzman, the owner of the Holtzman Gallery was one of John’s first art school instructors for Illustration and Design.

Painstakingly, Dzedzy finds himself personally researching his subject matter in the Wyoming and South Dakota locations of the United States on a yearly basis and has also exhibited his paintings in western parts of the United States. Being true to the culture and the historical accuracy of each painting depicted is of the utmost importance to him.

A unique aspect about a Dzedzy painting is the artist’s ability to design upscale hand carved/crafted framing for each canvas painting he produces. Taking into consideration the complete individual design of each painting, the frame in which the painting is housed also is designed to become a one of a kind element working synergistically with each painting.

Medium: Painting
Category: Realism

These are a few of John Dzedzy’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.