John Metz


John Matz creates a wide range of Tiffany-Style Stained Glass works of art. His overall design ranges from Traditional to Contemporary and we use only the highest quality domestic and import stained glasses. Mr. Matz’s location, snuggled in the Wayne National Forest in Southeastern Ohio, affords him ample inspiration to create a wide variety of original works ranging from small gift-size production pieces, larger commissioned work, to one-of-a-kind custom works of art. “I design my works, not only for the spaces they will occupy, but also for the people that live or work in that space.” – John Matz

Mr. Matz’s business has been near Amesville, Ohio since his inception in 1980. In 1996 he suffered a loss of his complete studio to fire. He rebuilt and has continued to produce stained glass art, surrounded by nature, in his new studio. John Matz’s goal is to “Produce work that gives the viewer a sense of harmony and rightness.” – John Matz

The Tiffany style refers to how the stained glass is put together. The edges of each piece of stained glass are wrapped with copper. The pieces are then bonded together, copper edge to copper edge. Tiffany style is also commonly called Leaded Stained Glass due to the solder used to bond the pieces together. Because of this, many of our measurements are approximated to give an idea of size.

Medium: Stained Glass Art
Category: Abstract
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of John Matz’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.