John Napoli


John Napoli has been drawing and painting his whole life. He started as a young child and at no point has he put down his pencils and paintbrushes. He has always pursued making art with passion and commitment. Schooled in Fine Art, he attended Parsons NYC, California Institute of the Arts, and graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts, NJ with a Bachelor of Fine Art. Post-graduation, he chose not to market his art, but rather to pursue art independently to develop a unique artistic vision. He has been working independently making art for over 30 years.

In his first dozen years he explored many artistic styles and techniques. As his personal style began to emerge, colorful, energetic, and nature-influenced, he envisioned a studio where he could work outside in order to maximize exposure to sunlight and nature. In 2003, he single-handedly designed and built, a Treehouse Studio that sits 30’ off the ground, which he named La Tour Chaleureux et Accueillant de la Lumière (the warm, welcoming tower of light), for this purpose.

This has had a profound impact on his work affecting his inspiration, composition, palette, and style. The entire image gets his focused attention, and he has an ‘every stroke counts!’ mentality, as each stroke is a critical element of the overall, energetic composition. He has been making art exclusively in the treehouse studio for over 10 years now, working year round through the warmth of summer, the golden colors of autumn, the bare structures of winter, and the unbridled energy of spring. Every day starts with the dawn, follows the continuously changing daylight through sunset, and closes under deep blue evening skies.

In his latest work, the artist has embodied what is most exciting and intensely beautiful about our natural world. The blend of pattern, rhythm, and structure evoke sheer exuberance. The shapes and forms are familiar at first, and transform before your eyes. Figures become landscapes, vast oceans, and open skies, which lead you further into imagined worlds. Each of the works are unique, captivating, and inspirational.

Artist Statement:

What fascinates me most is the continuously changing nature of light. In much the same way the world looks different every time we look at it, my work creates for the viewer a unique experience each time they view it.

By working in my Treehouse Studio closely in nature, I am able to study its patterns, structures, and forms, and experience its energy. In each piece, these elements are brought into the work, and it ‘grows‘ into a type of ‘natural object’.

I endeavor to create beautiful works of fine art that inspire the viewer, enrich any environment they are placed in, and convey a feeling of natural wonder.

Medium: Painting
Category: Impressionism

These are a few of John Napoli’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.