Lorrie Caplan


Caplan’s distinctive style and quality of work have earned her exhibits and art shows throughout the United States. Each time Lorrie expresses herself with her abstract watercolors, she is guided through the gentle and dramatic palettes of color. She is influenced by her early years as a self taught calligrapher. Her abstract paintings convey a whimsical side depending on her mood. Her choices of color come from being inspired by Peter Max, Georgia O’Keefe, and many others.

As an adjunct to her career as an Intuitive Life Coach, painting has given her the opportunity to include the art of listening, of being in the moment. Inspired by all of nature and the beauty of where she is at the time, Caplan has said that she paints from her soul –  “it is more than a flow – it is a fountain of never ending resource, a force that cannot be turned off.”

With a home based in Colorado, surrounded by nature, coupled with regular world travel, Caplan finds everywhere to be a never-ending source of inspiration.

Medium: Painting
Category: Abstract

These are a few of Lorrie Caplan’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.