Marcos Monteiro


My name is Marcos Monteiro, I’m an illustrator and fine art painter with over 30 years of experience. Native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where I started my career working as studio artist and freelance illustrator. In 1991 I came to the US to expend my career as an illustrator and met Philadelphia’s art director John M. Simon who introduced me to the artist representative Ken Leyden. Ken was instrumental in representing me as an illustrator in the US Advertising market followed by Deborah Wolfe and Pat Foster (NY). Along my career I illustrated for clients such as Coca-Cola, Nabisco, Pennsylvania Lottery and Reynolds Tobacco company (Camel) to name a few.

By the year 2002 when so many reverted their skills to computer art, i decided to embrace “traditional art” and remained loyal to my roots despite of challenging times throughout the industry. Oil paint has always been my first and final choice, I love the vibrancy of the colors and the forgiving nature of the medium. I was born and raised by the ocean, my first years of life was connect to the sea and remained strong in my adulthood. I lived most of my teenage years on the coast just a few blocks from the ocean, it was an invitation for diving and spear fishing. Consequently why I started studying Marine Biology, sea creatures and the ocean became my lifetime passion which inspired me to create my paintings along with my Saltwater fish tanks. I still love the experience of diving/snorkeling and offshore fishing.

Medium: Painting
Category: Realism

These are a few of Marcos Monteiro’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.