Maria Shelton


Maria Shelton is an Atlantic City native with an appreciation of the beauty of the shore.

Her father was a commercial artist, free-lance and press photographer for Atlantic City Press. His art studio was my playroom as a child.  Learning of my muse at an early age, I was obsessed with color and expression of emotions through art. By age eight I was a fan of Disney, Dali, Degas & Picasso

Ms. Shelton has a lifelong desire to show the beauty and drama of nature through color, drawing and painting in all mediums, but especially in oil. She considers herself a “self taught” artist having little formal training other than basics she had learned from her father and lessons with George & Florence Miller, Atlantic City artists, in her youth.

Ms. Shelton enjoys “en plein aire” painting capturing shadows, light and the feelings of nature.

She now travels extensively to collect subjects for painting. Cruising 3 or 4 times per year and driving across the US countryside and along the California coast taking photos, sketching, painting and capturing the inspiration of quaint, exotic and panoramic places along with the interesting people she meets in order to share them with the viewer of her paintings.

At this point Ms. Sheltn states that her favorite subjects – too many to list – just considers her muse as her guide – She calls it painting “dancing with color” and loves to dance everywhere there is light.

Medium: Painting
Category: Realism

These are a few of Maria Shelton’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.