Paul Papaycik


Painting is a true, complex pleasure of life that allows one to apply a subject of interest onto a canvas or other type of viewable form such as wood or paper. The importance of the subject matter to the painter, or artist, is critical to the overall success of the painting.

Painting takes me far, far away from everyday life yet challenges me constantly. I like to paint structures accompanied by their surrounding landscapes, most notably of the South Jersey area, which is my home, as well as the state of Maine where I went to high school and visit often for artistic inspiration. New York City is quickly becoming a breeding ground for some of my work as I find myself spending more and more time wandering and exploring the city. All three areas are abundantly rich in exactly the type of structure and landscape that I like to paint.

Painting requires time, patience and solitude. I particularly love the solitude of painting, of being alone, just me and the canvas, creating what I like to create, soft music playing in the background and a large coffee to invigorate my brush stroke. My most productive painting time is between the hours of 2PM and 8PM, pure pleasure.

Medium: Painting
Category: Realism

These are a few of Paul Papaycik’s pieces -please click the thumbnail for a larger view.